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We have wheel balancing equipment on site that allows us to ensure your tyres are correctly balanced, saving you money and unnecessary repair bills. Wheels and tyres need to be balanced together in order to guarantee that the tread is constantly in contact with the road surface, resulting in a smooth and comfortable drive.

Should your wheels be imbalanced, this can cause excessive vibrations through the steering wheel and result in steering and braking problems, also excessive component wear, tyre wear and even lower your fuel economy.

Why Choose Us?

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With over 100 years collective automotive experience between our technicians, we are confident that we can solve all of your motoring problems. We use only the latest diagnostic equipment and up to the minute technical training expertise to guarantee that only the best service is ever delivered.

Furthermore, we are Trading Standards Institute approved and RAC Approved for that added peace of mind.

  • We use the latest diagnostic equipment

  • Over 30 years of training excellence

  • We’ve been approved by numerous bodies

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FAQs… we’ve got them all covered

Do you take card?

We accept all the major debit and credit cards, including Visa, Maestro and Mastercard.

Will my manufacturers warranty be affected?

No. We only ever use genuine or OE replacement parts that comply with Block Exemption Regulations, so you are no longer tied to going to a dealership and paying inflated prices to have your car services just to keep warranty intact.


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