We are proud to have the only All-wheel drive rolling road within the Lincoln area, and we certainly know how to use it. We performance tune vehicles and record the power readings before remapping, and again after the vehicle has been tuned. The figures certainly do speak for themselves and explain why so many people come to us when they want a little extra performance.

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We are part of the Bosch Network of approved Garages.

All our Staff receive regular training.

Our Tuning team being some of the most qualified in the industry

Qualified Calibration Engineer.

We have been Calibrating cars for over 20 years with 35 years Experience in Motor Sport.

Giving you piece of mind with your car.

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Any Vehicle can benefit from a custom remap whether it is a work van to a high Performance car. Remapping/Chip Tuning as it used to be called, this is a process which involves altering the Engine Control units Calibration files often referred to as an ECU (Engine Control Unit).This unit with our extensive knowledge when altered is intended to make the most of your car by Altering the ECU’s default settings with newly designed bespoke software which is enhanced to make the cars overall performance better, and more often than not more economical.

Car makers sometimes put the same engine in to many models but optimise their software accordingly to what model and price tag you pay. Here at PK Motorsport we can unlock the Potential of the software and we fully guarantee our Product, when loaded to your vehicles ECU we can offer several different options from full bespoke custom mapping on our state of the art 4×4 Dynamometer which handles up to 2000 BHP covering all front and all rear wheel drive options, to Eco tuning for more economy, as fuel gets increasingly more and more expensive to a straight forward power gain or tone it down to a Sports map, so making it an everyday drive. Whatever your requirement ring us for details.

All our tuning equipment is Master Tuning units as we alter our files in house. We offer before and after figures for real proof on our state of the art Digital Dyno for you to see.